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Social Networking for the Working Professional

The #1 statement I hear when I suggest social networking to my clients is “I don’t have time to keep up with social networking”. I must admit, I too being occupied with business and personal development, client project management etc., I did not make time for keeping up with social networking.

The Good News
Social networking applications have made it simple to use and easy to manage. For example, did you know that you can link your WordPress blog to your Facebook and Twitter pages? By linking them together, you save time by updating one interface rather than multiples.
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Managing a business can be difficult. One of the most important pieces to a business is growth. As you gain more clients, your business grows and you are forced to tweak and change your business to fit the needs of each and every client. Go ahead and blow the dust off of your business plan that you’ve written years ago. It is time to revive the creative vine with some inspirational nourishment.

Having a business alone is not enough. As the world grows and the population changes you must adjust the business to fit your customers needs. When I say the words “social networking” to a client – it is followed by a slow roll of the neck and eyes. The 21st century professional who is handling the functional and operational side of their business leave little or no time for technological balance and improvement. If it weren’t for the people, we would have nothing to work for right? It is time to become your consumer. Get into the mind of your demographic and what they are looking for. Our end goal is to satisfy the needs of our consumer, in order for our business to continue to grow.

It starts with you. Take time out of your week to start a blog or e-newsletter. Reach out to your clients in an emotionally meaningful way. Take a look at what other businesses similar to yours are doing to reach out to their clients and grab hold of some good ole inspiration!

Here is our inspirational link of the month: – Check it out!

Erin Jordan, Principal of EJDesign Firm

You know the feeling of being away..kinda like missing a loved one or friend? I feel that way with my blog. My blog that will connect me to the people, share my wildest dreams and visions, I have neglected you. There has been so much on my mind since November. I have completed grad school, and have been given astounding visions by God for my life’s journey. I think the distance has assisted me in clearing my mind and bringing me back to focus. I notice that as you become older your dreams tend to change and mold around your life.

There is always a part of me that feels un-done. I feel like a strawberry using only one seed. I have a desire to come back to the basics and where I began. How I became creative and started seeing visions. I used to sing, dance and I love to act. Not just any type of acting – The kind of acting that makes you almost unrecognizable with impromptu crying and screaming. I feel as if I need to get back to what brought me to my creative place in order to embark upon leading Joho in order to reach the masses as I should.

Stay tuned for greatness…

Using Twitter for Business

For those who have not had a chance to dive into Twitter, now could not have been a better time. Currently Twitter is used as a social networking tool to connect with people around the world. Twitter has grossed 15 million by May of 2009. During this month, Twitter execs Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams are switching places. Williams will be the company’s CEO and Dorsey will take over as chairman of the board.

Currently Twitter does not charge to open a account, like other social networking sites – but relies solely on revenue from advertising from external corporations. There are rumors that Twitter will be offering premium accounts for businesses that want to use it as a marketing tool.

Twitter Netiquette

1. Hear your audience
Ensure your message is being heard, by practicing a little good old fashioned PR. Listen to what your followers are seeking in you – and deliver. Take the time to follow up with leads in a professional way.

2. Update on a daily basis
Using Twitter is beneficial if you use it correctly, and regularly. Don’t tweet the mundane tasks of the day,
but tweet beneficial information and inspirational facts that benefit your readers and keep them following.

3. Take advantage of Twitter applications
ChirpCity, Tweepz, SocialOomph to name a few are used for tagging, promoting and updating business events.

Keep on Tweeting!

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The Way Things Are – In the way things are, there was a part of the chapter which I would like to discuss. There was a powerful sentence from the book that read “the capacity to be present to everything that is happening, without resistance, creates possibility”. This sentence is so powerful and truthful at the same time! If people accepted the things they can not change and did not resist the good or bad – we would have a totally different outlook on the final result. I am a very optimistic person and I strongly believe in “happy accidents”. We make them all the time, and it creates beautiful opportunity and possibilities.
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GarageBand is the Bomb and I’ll tell you why! After researching copyright and fair use law, you’re better off creating your own song in GarageBand, rather than going to through the process of asking permission to use a popular song on your website or presentation materials. Not creative enough? Don’t even worry about it! GarageBand gives you the ability to use the build-in sound effects, drums, strings etc., to build upon an original beat or song that you have created. This program is especially great for song writers – to create samples of songs you have written accompanied by vocal recordings etc. Check out the video podcast above to learn one of my favorite features in GarageBand.

GarageBand Intro Link:


Erin Jordan

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One of the great programs that comes with the Master Suite collection is Adobe Bridge. With my Graphic Design background, I had the opportunity to learn how to use Adobe Bridge at a Adobe conference. This was the first time they introduced Adobe Bridge into the software, and I thought it was a great tool for educators and designers alike.
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